Defend Victimised Reps is a group of Trade Union representatives and former representatives who all share two things in common.

We stand in #solidarity with each other and we have all been victimised.

A support group was formed in January 2021, giving all of us strength to stand up against victimisation. The Covid 19 pandemic has played a major role in victimisation and has been weaponised to create ‘divide and conquer’ amongst union activity nationally.

We must all stand together in #solidarity and fight back.

Our aims are:

  • To build a national campaign that brings all Trade Union victimisation to the forefront of union protection.

  • To embed and strengthen a multi union approach and the ethos that “an injury to one is an injury to all”

  • To help and provide support networks to anyone who is being victimised.

How can you help?

Please take a look at our page of case studies and help by signing and sharing petitions or using the links to help send letters to employers. 


Please feel free to contact us.


Defend Victimised Reps