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John has been charged with Gross Misconduct and issued with a final warning for an alleged error during lockdown when he was looking after his 2 children and working from home whilst his wife worked as an NHS healthcare professional. He had no other warnings on his record.

Please help John by signing and sharing his petition

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Kirstie Paton is facing disciplinary proceedings by United Learning, following a post she published in December 2020 on her NEU Inner London Executive Facebook page.

As a trade union elected representative, she is legally entitled to express concerns and criticisms of employers on matters of interest to union members without fear of formal disciplinary procedures.

Messages of support to go to johnroannut@gmail.com

Please help Kirstie by signing and sharing her petition and also sending the letter to United Learning. 

Tracy McGuire.PNG

Tracy McGuire, workplace rep and elected support staff representative on the NEU Executive Council has lost her job. One of ten posts made redundant at The Rydal Academy in Darlington. Tracy, who has been a strong and effective rep in the school for several years was told about the redundancy on the same day that she submitted her Section 44 letter, informing her employer of her refusal to work in unsafe conditions. The timing of the notification about her redundancy and the fact that her name was added to the list of redundancies after she had led the campaign against the Trust and for safe working practices in the school during Covid, makes it clear that she is being victimised.

Please help Tracy by signing and sharing her petition

Louise Lewis.PNG

Louise, a NEU Rep had been strictly following trade union advice to try and secure whole school and individual risk assessments for all staff as well for herself.  

Initially Mr Fell refused to engage with Louise over her request for risk assessments and had postponed at least 4 scheduled meetings with her.

Louise Lewis was suspended Thursday 1st October, the same day as the HSE inspection.

Send an email requesting that the disciplinary be dropped:



Please also send solidarity messages of support to help build industrial action for Louise Lewis to:



Please help Louise by signing and sharing her petition

Keiran Mahon.PNG

Keiran became Co-Rep in December 2020 to support an already overworked Rep in a large school. In January he used S44 when leadership insisted all staff must teach remotely from school. By March he was facing disciplinary procedures with the threat of dismissal.

Please help Keiran by signing and sharing his petition


Gary Carney was dismissed from his employment with London Underground after 20 years service, his crime? His RMT union activity.

Read about it here

Support Gary by donating to his fund


Declan Clune RMT bus driver

Declan was sacked by Go South Coast & Bluestar Southampton management for defending workers’ rights and passenger safety.

Support Declan by donating to his fund


Moe the London bus driver

During some of the most difficult days of the Covid pandemic, when over 30 London bus drivers tragically died, Moe was leading the campaign to make buses safe by fighting for the front doors to be closed.

We support the reinstatement of Moe and safety on the transport system.

Iain Forsyth.PNG

Iain has been sacked from Leaways school for simply doing the right thing. 

Help Iain by signing and sharing the petition below asking for:

  • Reinstate the NEU rep & cease action against all those facing disciplinary proceedings.

  • Negotiate new, fairer disciplinary policies that meet ACAS guidelines

  • Implement the national pay increase for all Leaways staff and negotiate an improved sick pay policy

  • Ensure safe staff levels to deliver the best for our young people.